Communicating Climate Change
University of North Dakota
May 19 - July 13, 2010

Funded by NASA Global Climate Change Education program, Award #NNX10AB53A


Kelli Fox
Will Crawford
Sara Koller
Linsey Ness
Robbie MacDonald
Korey Southerland
Crague Cook
Seth Matucheski
Laura Schulz
Richard Skibsted

Gretchen Mullendore
Andrei Kirilenko
Fred Remer
Laura Munski
Andrea Neumann
Dan Koller
Research Tracks

Interns studied the basics of climate and media communication for 3 weeks, then worked on their own research projects for the remainder of the internship. The research teams produced webcasts to present their findings. See all four webcasts here!

Surface Temperature
View Webcast

Land Use Change
View Webcast

Future Climate Change: Devil's Lake Region
View Webcast

Arctic Sea Ice
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